About me

I’m quite tall and I have a lot of freckles. If I were asked to describe myself, those would be the first two things that come to mind. When I was a kid, I tried many times to scrub those freckles away. Thankfully, it never worked. I’ve grown to kind of like them.

My favourite place to be is by the ocean. My favourite people to be there with are my husband and our two kids. My favourite way to pass a summer evening is sitting on the patio, with a glass of wine and a circle of family and friends. I’m a terrible baker, but I can tap dance.

So now you know a bit about me.

My hope for this site is that it will remind me to search out the beautiful things. To recognize them, to be inspired by them and to be grateful for them.

You can also find me at findeverybeautifulthing@gmail.com, and on Twitter (@findbeautyblog) too. I’d love to hear from you.