Find: Live in the sunshine

I have quotes scattered around my house – stuck to the fridge door, framed on bookshelves, tucked between the pages of books. If words make me feel something, I want to remember them.

This quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson is one of my favourites. I’m happiest by the sea, with salty air against my cheeks and sand beneath my feet. This quote brings that feeling alive.

Live in the sunshine, swim the sea, drink the wild air.

“Drink the wild air.” Isn’t that gorgeous?

I stumbled across this particular print by Mae Chevrette on Etsy – my online vice – and had to have it. I see it every morning, and it reminds me that life is an adventure (even it that adventure involves making Eggo waffles for the kids before the hour-long commute to work).

Visit Mae Chevrette Studio on Etsy to see this and more of her beautiful work.

(Photo: Mae Chevrette Studio)


2 thoughts on “Find: Live in the sunshine

  1. I usually scoff at people who have and other quotes all over, but this one is pretty, and your reasoning in your post makes me warmed to the idea 🙂 thanks!


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